What options should we consider for implementing new technologies in our company?

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It is a commonly well known fact that currently informatics technologies have got a big impact on our daily working. Probably anyone from us could not imagine doing many daily tasks without applying them in process.

You want to spend exotic holidays? Visit Tokyo!

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Year by year there are much more travel connections available from Poland. We no longer must to go to the Berlin to visit United States or Canada, we could go there from Wroclaw or Krakow. The same is with Asia. Although still cheaper is to travel to China from Germany, a lot of Polish citizens are choosing Polish carriers. Also, flights to Tokyo are getting cheaper, many more Poles are ready to go there to explore this magical town. And there are a lot of heritages to explore, this magnificent island is blend of exotic, older culture and urban jungle. when you are arranging to go there, here are couple thinks you need to know.