The main challenges of modern retail and how to handle them

Author: Milán Auman
Source: http://www.flickr.com
Time has passed by when the shopping operation was just about making a fast acquisition. A contemporary, intelligent customer checks on prices, contrasts them and often decides to have a look at the object of his interest in the traditional store to afterwards purchase it in the virtual store.

You are planning a trip to United States? Do not miss the NYC!

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Today, some of Polish citizens are wealthy enough to trip to USA. Times, when just several tourists in the time of one year were able to book flights to New York are over. Although we still need to have a visa to fly there, but because of our financial condition,it isn't so difficult to do. Beside, tickets are a lot less expensive then couple years ago. You are planning to visit America? You need to know few rules about your journey, flight rules and visa. And when you like to spare some cash, you must start your tour from NYC.