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Capital of Poland - really fantastic town to visit

At the moment, touring by air jet is a lot less costly then ever. People are ready to see very far cities and countries, without spending great fortune on it. When you are existing in Chicago, and you are interesting in Poland, you have to totally get some tickets for flights to Warsaw. This metropolis is very magnificent city, with many of history and memories. It can be an element of your big tour trough this area, or just fast week during your European holidays. Doesn't matter the reason, when you select flights from Chicago to Warsaw you won't be disappointment.

Metropolis isn't typical Polish city, because it hasn't have any typical square. It is all because it was really build in sixteenth century. Of course, at this area use to be a village, but it was made from wood. And cities with main squares was raised in the Medieval period. But even so, you should able to see there some lovely, historical structures, still. Yon need to go to the Castle Square for it, you should locate there a magnificent Royal Residence, created in Renaissance and Rococo style (serach). Former mansion was smashed in the time of the WW II, but all the relics from the interior, like costly portrayals and sculptures, was rescued before and at the end of the war, palace was raised again. Opposite of it is located one of the greatest signatures of the capital - Sigismund's Column, this structure was created in seventeenth century, it looks very astonishing, it is a monument of one of the best overlords of the country.
Author: Gregorio Puga Bailón

The most charming place in the entire town is Ujazdów, for sure. This historical district, use to be really important part of the Warsaw. If you are looking for flights to Warsaw, one of your reason for the journey must to be this area. The main trademark of it is Ujazdów Residence, designed in 17th century, magnificent sample of Baroque style in Eastern Europe (go to page). Nowadays, many of the rooms are open for visitors to explore as element of Center of Modern Art. A lot of excellent artists,
Author: Malinda Rathnayake
Polish and aliens,s you may see there if you wish. But when you are looking for some place to go for a romantic walk with your fiancee, choose Royal Baths Park. This spectacular place, located close to the Classical palace, was created in the eighteen century, is very nostalgic. It use to be summer residence of last king of Poland, with magical English garden whole around it.

When you are arranging a trip to the Poland, choose flights from Chicago to Warsaw. You may find a lot of sales on this line, and also capital of the Poland is totally worth to be explored. Spectacular architecture, a lot of objects of art, lovely nature.